We are a funny species. Us western-civilized human beings-homo sapiens.

We pass around small strips of colored paper and smaller pieces of metal coins.

We lock up these items with the greatest of security and hire guards to watch and protect them.

We have small boxes that we keep these items in along with other pieces of paper and shiny stones.

And we lock them all up in a larger ’safe-deposit box’ , and go visit this box to add and subtract  the papers, metals and stones.

We put these ‘safe-deposit boxes’ into a bigger box- a safe deposit vault and our safe-deposit boxes get locked up with other peoples paper, metals, and shiny stones, each with its own separate key and secret combination.

Then this vault is put into a bigger box called a ‘Bank’, which is very secure, where we go to buy, trade, and exchange the pieces of paper, bits of metal, and shiny stones.

And it’s a busy place, waiting in line to process the paper, can take a good deal of time. As you well know.

And then we go out of the bank box and into a moving-box vehicle we call a ‘car’ aka: automobile. And this moving transportation module box ferry’s us to our home-box, where we ‘live’.

And we go into our home box and eventually go into our ‘room-box’ which is a separate box within the home box.

If we want to wash or pee, there is a special box for that called the toilet.

Most of us were born in a hospital box. Usually a place where sick people go. But being born here is sort of about being ‘sick’ so it is done in the hospital.

And then we go into a crib box, nursery school box, and elementary school box- more boxes except for recess. when we get to make a circle, hold hands, and be outside and run and jump and play.

Most of our time we spend in a box. A square shape of space to contain us, and our stuff.

Yes we are the ‘box society’!

From our cribs to our coffins, squares and rectangles highlight our human made environmental landscape, with our cultural confetti, slips of colored paper, metal pieces, and shiny stones.

And so many of us feel so alone. Like those shiny stones.

Locked in the security boxes in the bank vault.

Let’s go outside and make a circle!

It’s time for recess!

Time to re-access. Out of the box. Into the light and open air, gazing at the grandeur of the heavens and the miraculous majesty of our earth.

This magnificent elliptical sphere, a circle shape if there ever was one- spinning with billions and trillions of other circle shapes in a cosmos that is infinite and awesome.

Beyond profound and perfect. Full of wonder, Grace, and fascination.

Beyond our wildest imaginings and most heart-felt dreams.

We are Creatures of our Creators Creation. We did not make ourselves!

Actually, we have made nothing out of nothing!

We only synthesize and combine that which is already here.

We are energy transformers.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”.

What a profound liberating notion. Nothing in the universe is ever lost. It just changes forms.

And each of us is a continually changing form. Every moment, a change, a newness, a now, infinity!

Infinity is fun..We are one..Circle the sun!

Let’s all go outside, hold hands, and make a circle!