Sometimes when you have a problem you have to step away from the problem in order to solve it. To get distance and perspective we talk to friends, therapists or pray for guidance, for something outside of our “forest of thought,” for another way of seeing – an insight – a new vision.


Space is that new vision, and by reaching toward the stars we gain insights into our planet and discover a lot in the process.


When John F. Kennedy said we would put a man on the moon in seven years – we did it – we fulfilled our vision!


Space and the Possibilities for the Future

We need space for the following reasons:


It provides an appropriate channel for our technology, solar energy, computers, artificial intelligence, robotics, entertainment and education.


Solar power satellites will be collecting solar energy while orbiting the earth and beaming down that energy to receiving stations around the globe. A grid of solar power collectors orbiting our earth will provide all the energy we would ever need for the next five billion years.


Space is infinite – VAST – beyond abundant. Each person on this planet could have millions of miles of territory and we still wouldn’t reach our closest star – Alpha Centauri.


Space technology has created our modern system of telecomunications and satellite media services – as well as earth monitoring systems and a continual flow of new ideas and information.


One could visit space colonies like a plane trip to a nearby city – less than an hour flight from the mother ship Earth. There could be an abundance of different colonies for different purposes. Special interest groups, manufacturing and engineering, learning labs, research and development, food farming, pharmaceuticals, recreation centers, containment facilities, spiritual and religious communities, cults and new philosophies.


The Colonization of space is an idea whose time has come – now.


New dimensions in hospitals, hospice and health care.

For all those humans in a coma, there is less possibility for tissue break down and pressure sores to develop in weightless environments. The millions of perfectly healthy and vibrant humans confined to wheelchairs because of spinal injury, the para and quadriplegics who would love the experience of floating free -effortlessly. Even as a place to visit – just for a change -GRAVITY IS A DRAG!


For the education and wonder of our children. The awesome journey of new worlds – new possibilities – Claiming the cosmos and reaching for the stars. We are explorers in the “high frontier” (Girard O’Neil).


Space will develop and enrich the concept of global family – our shared human destiny, abundance and diversity. Our adventures in space will further assist us in comprehending our universe and inspire our sense of wonder.


For many of us space colonies would not be our primary residence but we will go for a visit, to see some friends or just recreation, float around the countryside, witness a new sunrise and sunset about every hour and peer into the vastness of the galaxy and think, “I am a part of the Universe.” Space cities will have both gravity (city environments) as well as low-gravity (country environments).


Life in space will totally change the notion of “work”. With abundant energy, we will no longer have to work to pay the “bills” – electricity, gas, gasoline, heating, telephone, etc.


The human being will evolve into a creative, playful, nurturing, brilliant vessel of love and inspiration. Painting, music, dance, discovery, wonder and jubilation.


Life is for celebration, creation and sharing in the wonder of it all. The technology to create space colonies complete with farms, lakes, mountains and streams, cities and towns. Earth-like gravity and low G (gravity) zones exist here and now. This is not science fiction – this is here and now.











Earth is moving around the sun at 62,000 miles per hour. Turning at 1,000 miles per hour at the equator.


The sun is the center of our solar system moving through the galaxy at over 500,000 miles per hour.


We are already in space. We are just checking out the neighborhood. I don’t think I’ll get to our closest neighboring star, Alpha Centauri in my lifetime, but I’m certain I’ll visit the moon.


It’s an amazing universe – let’s party!


“Year of modern! Years of unperformed, your horizon rises – I see it parting away for more august dramas;…


I see tremendous entrances and exits – I see new combinations Never were such sharp questions asked as this day;


Never was average man, his soul, more energetic more like a God;…


What whispers are these, oh lands, running ahead of you, passing under the seas?


Are all nations communing? Is there going to be but one heart to the globe?”


Walt Whitman