OVER 101 ways to share ’turn on’…without exchanging body fluids!

touch fingers,touch toes, rub noses, feel bone,tickle tenderly,rub softly,squeeze strongly,smell

sweetly,dance intimately, sing gloriously, rap quietly and tap gently. acupressure me,lay on top of me, underneath me, to the side of thee, laying of hands on thee, holding of hearts , we see, tenderly, softly, sweetly, completly ,touch, smell, explore, pinch, poke, scratch, bite, soothe the owie, be love wowie, comfort, console, caress, bliss and bless, stretch and sway, dance and pray, toes to nose, mouth to ear, toning, droning, listening, breathing, moving, sensing, sexing, shaking, examining, fondling, feeling, trembling, stimulating, pleasuring, yearning, cuming,  baking, eating, tantra yoga ,play clothes, and togas, silent-sitting-zening-blissing-blessing-making prayers, paintings, pies, me oh my,

mudras and sutras, music-merrymaking-humming-drumming-wrestling/ playing, fingers on bum, hum, humping, thumping, pumping, jumping, rolling, excercising, silly-phosophising , smiling, grinning, gurgling, gleaming, gloating and glee-ing, and you and me-ing , massaging, and whirling prodding, pulling ,pulsing, pulsating, plucking, sucking and chortling rocking and reading and rolling , cavorting ,filming and flirting, shiatsu, jujitsu, akido,and rolfing, prostate massage, yoni rubbing, baseball, and golfing, together, sleeping together, in nature together, nurture each other, share a scent, a sense, a flower, a bird song, a hug, a bug,  an owie, a kiss on the neck, the back the feet, the hand the cheek, the knee the toe, the ass, the belly buttons hole, just holding, and being held.