Sex is a function of our humanity, our means of procreation and the source from which we came. We are sexual beings in utero. Infants are born with the capacity for being multi-orgasmic! What do you suppose our Creator has in mind?

We are given the first ten years of our life to be in our delight and pleasure, to learn about the joy-us wonder of our bodies and minds. Every human is unique and special. No two of us exactly the same, not even “identical twins”! We are “hardwired” for spirituality and sensuality. We have been given an awesome garden to enjoy and share in our delight.

Our current western society does not recognize infant and childhood sexuality, so we as children become secret about our “privates” and connect clandestine behavior with our sex. We are all somewhat ‘dysfunctional’ because of this. And most of us have guilt and shame associated with our sexuality.

All life perpetuates itself. We are co-creators with the Divine.  We are living in a society where it is considered profane to show sexual intimacy between a man and a woman, but to show one man bludgeoning another to death is acceptable entertainment.  Our sacred and profanes are confused – mixed up – distorted.  Sex is constructive, productive, life affirming and pleasurable.  Violence is destructive, unproductive, life- negating, and unpleasurable.  It is vitally important to incorporate our sexuality as an integral part of our humanity.

 Passion can be playful – sensual – creative – and channeled. It is energy that can be used to write symphonies, compose poetry, make babies, heal, and comfort.   Suppressed passion comes out as anger, frustration, violence and despair. Touching is essential to normal human development, and we maintain levels of sensual/ sexual interest throughout our lifetime. And it is continually changing.

 Sex is full of wonder and mystery – it is not something we can understand.  There is a vast variety of expressions of our sex in nature and nurture: homo; hetero; bi; and a wide range of diverse attitudes and practices.  What is “normal” is open to discussion. We still do not know why some people have homosexual preference and others hetero.  Heterosexuality is the predominant norm in our society, and yet we need to make room for the myriad forms that emerge. Sex is only one aspect of our humanity.

One child in every 2000 is born “intersexed”. That is, some combination of male and female genitalia are present. This shows us that there is both male and female within each of us, and we are all different. What is of primary importance is the holding, caring, nurturing, playful, creative dance of sensual expression. There is an infinite variety of sensual play – kissing, hugging, dancing, etc. that connects us with each other – and validates the human experience. Perhaps if we allow ourselves to be more expressive in our sensuality with each other (with our clothes on)  we would not be so “sensually starved” and would then be able to act more responsibly with our sexuality..(with our clothes off!)

The amount of time is not the sole criterion for a “successful relationship,” but the learning, loving and sharing of the journey together is its true essence. Sexually transmitted diseases are indeed a problem in our world. Syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea are old bedfellows and have followed us through much of human history. HIV/AIDS is a new plague that has a potential for wreaking major devastation on our planet. The message is clear – sexual contact involves communication and responsibility.

There are an abundance of ways humans can be passionate and playful – sensual and orgasmic with each other without coitus, penetration or exchange of body fluids. There is mutual masturbation, massage, sensual talk, fantasy, and autoeroticism, hugging, kissing, touching, squeezing, feeling, dancing, singing – just holding each other and listening. We need to rekindle the flame of our sensual selves with our spiritual selves. We must erase the profanity from our sexuality and place our sex in the realm of the sacred. By recognizing the sacredness of our sexuality we approach it with love, compassion, giving, nurturing, affection, playfulness and joy. We become open in our communication and sense our physical union as a form of prayer, dance, and communion. We are not just base animals without reason or judgment. Our sexuality is purposeful and pleasurable. Let us return the holy to the holes.

 In Hebrew, the word for man is “eish” and the word for woman is “eisha”. The man has the “Y” of the Divine name, (YHVH) and the woman the “H” (YH). If you remove the “YH” from the names, you are left with “aish” – fire!

 Let’s all be more passionate lovers with our clothes ON! Let’s look at each other more… smile.

“When I realize how hard it is to change my own bad habits, I’ve decided to give up on trying to change other peoples.”(Mark Twain)

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” — Krishnamurti