The prisons are full of humans with low self esteem, anger and frustration from un-channelled passions. Little or no “marketable” skills … and angry at mommy and daddy and society.


They go around and do horrible things for their own survival – or allowing violence to be the likely end to unbridled anger.


We as an “intelligent” society incarcerate these people. We lock them up in cells, feed them three meals a day, provide for their physical needs and have many guards and precautions as protection against their escape.


No therapy


No job training or skill building


No self-esteem education


No artistry or opportunities for creative learning


We lock them up for 1 year, 5 years, 10 – 20 or life. And then release them back into society and expect them to do better with what new skills or human insights they may have acquired.


Most of our prisoners are repeat offenders. They have fallen into the cracks (gaping holes) of our system and can’t seem to play the game. They keep knocking over the board – busting up the pieces or killing the other players. Especially those who seem to be winning the game.


Our penal system isn’t working because it promotes slavery. Teach the children how to claim their freedom and we will not have to shackel them as slaves.


Educate with music, art, dance, poetry and symphony and song. The more opportunities a human has for self expression, love and creativity, the more one is able to cope with fear and anxiety.


“Give a man a fish and he eats for a night

Teach him to fish and he eats for life.”


We must stop building prisons and return the angry and dispossessed to care for the land, grow crops, prepare their own meals and learn life affirming skills to bless rather than burden society.

Build skills – not cells


Educate – not incarcerate