In Loving Memory: Doran Lee Mollin

September 22,1984 – July 10, 2001                            

My dearest family,

I along with each and every one of you assembled here today am so humbled and saddened by Doran’s death.

He was such a bright light and loving friend I pray that his memory and spirit be a continual source of compassion strength humor tenderness and love for us all.

To each and every one of us assembled here today and to those of us like myself from far away..

Doran has touched our lives..our minds eye..our loving and beating hearts..And now his spirit captures our imaginations with psalms of wonder and longing, and intimations of immortality, embracing infinity.

Probing the heavens, or feeling our own pulse we are each a heart beat away from our next spirit journey…as we all know..We all will one-day ‘die’

(whatever that means) or pass away..(As if we could ever go anywhere but here and now forever.)  

 The birth to death ratio is one to one 1:1..Everyone who is born will eventually die..And there is no guarantee as to the amount of time we are given on this earth/ journey..babies die..elders die..

Just for a time we are loaned to each other. By love and grace we grow together.

From you I receive

To you I give

Together we share

And from this we live.

The first law of thermodynamics states: Energy can neither be created or destroyed..It’s just transformed..

 Doran, You have been and continue to be a source of transformation for us all.

You touched all of us with your life and love, and left us transformed and better for it.

Doran you have made another transformation..

Another spirited adventure

I have been in such delight of your appearing and disappearing acts..

Very often you would seem to ‘show up,

Bring your radiance and special sparkle into a place where I was at..

And I effortlessly enjoyed you, as I still do, seeing your glorious smile in my minds eye and in the morning and evening sky.

And you continue to transform us…with a reminder to be gentle with ourselves and each other.

 To enjoy this opportunity of this awesome gift of life we are given..The sensual delights of food family and friends..hugging sharing laughing caring.

.Smile! Life is full of surprises..

I hear you saying:

“I’m so happy that you are happy.. I share in your joy and gladness.

I’m sorry for your is a hug..I hope you feel better..”

Hands on healing..and open heart sharing, and a genuine concern for your family and friends and our common humanity.

 You are A non-preachy minister of love and gladness

 Love ,friendship, faith, and fun are  some of your foundation stones.

I loved and still love your live and let live…love and be loved approach to life..

It makes the most sense to me..

.Dear Doran please help me to live in love more each day.. to smile in Gratitude and enjoy and play…in this most grandest of games our Creator did Create..I know we are all a part of this Gigantic Cosmic Cake…that the master baker did bake..

And that he took you an illusion we will suffer with  at times, on some days…

Until your radiant smile transforms us into piles of giggles Gratitude and Grace.

For the pleasure of knowing you..hearing you..sensing you ..feeling you..listening to you and touching you..

 You are such a grand and glorious gift in all of our lives. You have touched us with your large and gracious loving heart..good humor, good food, and gentle peaceful wisdom from such a young old soul.

Thank you for the gift of your love.

Love is eternal .. It transforms us into divine sensual beings of comfort joy  healing laughter and delight.

I thank God for the blessing of knowing you and I carry your spirit within me..Your radiant beaming smile still delights and reminds me that in this great grand scheme of this is- ness we call life..

That love and affection, compassion and caring , have passion and purpose in our being the best human beings we can be for the love of each other and the Glory of God.

I Love you..I bless you..

And I know you love and bless me too.

I thank God for you in my life.. a timeless door.

I can hear you saying..from close up far away:

“Hey, I found a new recipe for..

Cosmic love pie..

My spirit is eternal..

Love never dies

It’s all a free lunch…

Our Creator has provided everything

Share, enjoy and give thanks..

And by the way…most important of all..

Love one another…

 And Have a Great Day!”

Death holds no dominion Divine

On love or spirits longing     Order

Rest assured Rejoice

Awe wonder and delight Awe

Never ending Now

So “go in beauty, peace be with you..we will meet in our hearts..In the light”.

So my dear family, it is the custom in the Jewish tradition to honor his life and spirit with good deeds and loving-kindness..

Go forth into this world and bring light comfort and compassion..

The only gift we can ever really give is the gift of our own selves..

Share your sustenance and joy.

We are all sustained by the Grace of God.

May Doran’s grand and magnanimous spirit comfort, console, and sustain us all the days of our lives.

We are blessed,

Please hug one another..And give thanks

For this remarkable spirit that has touched all our lives with holy love.

Shalom..Shanti om..Peace..Peace..peace.

Rabbi Nathan