Everything is energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed – it just changes forms… (first and second laws of thermodynamics – physics).


The Universe contains an “indeterminate” (many physicists use “infinite”) amount of energy.

The atom is the essential building block of all creation.

Everything that exists – from shoes to ships – plastics to fabrics – bed bugs to Persian rugs are composed of atoms.

“Atoms are so tiny that I inhale billions of trillions with every breath. The same is true for everyone else, both now and in the past. In fact, with each breath I inhale thousands and even millions of atoms once exhaled by any person whose breaths are now evenly ruixed in the air. So there’s atoms in my body from about every person who ever lived!

Not yet from newborn babies far away – but I’ve been around a while, outdoors on windy days, breathing, sweating, and vaporizing like everyone else, so those babies are made of atoms that were once a part of me. In this sense, at least we are all one.”

*PAUL G. HEWIIT, Conceptual Physics, A New Introduction To Your Environment, 2nd Edition, Little Brown & Co., © 1974, PAGE 124.


“For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you”

Walt Whitman, “Leaves of Grass”


“With the exception of some of the hydrogen, all the elements that occur in nature are remnants of stars that exploded long ago.”

Hewiit (opcit)


“We are stardust – we are golden – and we got to find a way back to the garden.”















Our sun is 99.997% of all the energy/mass in our solar system (ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITTANICA).


Scientists say that our sun is one of the smaller suns in our galaxy and give it a life expectancy of about another 5 billion years.


Each day the sun burns up 350,000 million tons of its own mass as fuel, that’s four million tons every second!


Of all the energy we use on earth, 99.99% of it comes from the sun.


The sun is the all and everything of the energy of our planet. When we ask where is energy, it is like a fish in the ocean asking “where is water?!”


The first solar printing press was made in the 1890’s! Solar power Satellites (SPS) were invented in the late 1960’s by Dr. Peter Glaser. It would place satellites with a large array of photovoltaic (light electric) cells in synchronous orbit with earth (similar to our communication satellites).


The solar cells would absorb the sunlight in space and transmit it to receiving stations on earth. In space there would be no concen for cloud cover or weather restrictions. Solar energy would be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for the next 5 billion years.


It will be clean, non-polluting, always available and immediately feasible with current technology. So why don’t we do it?


“On April 15, 1943 in Forbes the Business Magazine, E. F. McDonald; Jr., President of Zenith Radio Corporation wrote these words:




I’m sorry I did not have the opportunity to talk with your H. S. Kahn who wrote the article on opportunities in postwar radio and television as I would have given him some thoughts that would have made him less optimistic about television. It’s technically sound, but economically it’s unsound.


Thank you.”

E. F. McDonald, Jr.


Zenith Radio Corporation


The sun is 99.997% of all the energy in our solar system and we humans keep digging deeper and deeper into the earth looking for energy!