The Politics of Scarcity


Humans are the only creatures on this earth that use money – the fish, plants, pets, monkeys all live without it. Their sustenance and shelter are derived from the earth itself.


Humans have invented the money game and we are the only ones playing it. It has no bearing on reality except which we choose to give it. Economics is not a science – it is a philosophy or theory about value. I call it “illusion by consensus.”


The heart and soul of our economic philosophy is scarcity. (Economics: the study of how human beings allocate scarce resources to produce various commodities and how those goods are distributed for consumption among the people in society. The essence of economics lies in the fact that resources are scarce, or at least limited, and that not all human needs and desires can be met.”




If there is very little of something it is worth a lot…

If there is a lot of something it is worth little.


Take a lump of coal into the market and try to sell it – it will fetch a few pennies. Compress that piece of coal into a diamond and it will yield dollars.


If there was a glut in the diamond market – what would happen to the price of diamonds? It most certainly would fall.


Gold, silver, “precious metals” in scarce supply, became our standard for trade. Governments printed paper money as a symbol of the precious metals that gave the paper value. Now governments just print money – more and more of it. Money doesn’t grow on trees or does it?


Money is paper. Paper comes from trees. There are a lot of trees. So there must be a whole lot of money!



The universe is infinite and abundant. Humanity has chosen scarcity as its commodity of value – hence creating poverty and wealth, have and have nots, rich and poor.


The politics of scarcity are the pages of history – filled with wars and revolutions – dictatorships, democracies, political con-fusion – TAXES AND TORTURES!


The most important fundamental paradigm shift is from scarcity to abundance.


Only an abundant world can work for everyone.


Scarcity is philosophy — Abundance is science.


U.S. economic forecasts have been associated with baseball scores, women’s hemlines and what team wins the Super Bowl. A dollar doesn’t buy what it did 5 years ago, or 10, or 20. Prices fluctuate, stocks and bonds go up and down… the value of silver and gold rises and falls.


The way we set up the economical, comical life game, is whoever has the most of what is least – wins!


And so we are manufacturing scarcity in the most unlikely places. Youths are killing each other over certain types of shoes and jackets.


We will kill another human for diamonds, cash, credit cards calling cards, even business cards.


We kill, destroy and maim over scarcity.


We are becoming slaves to our security systems.


Alarms in our homes.

Alarms in our cars.

Alarms on our wrists – chiming the hour.


We are all prisoners of our prejudice and petty thoughts, judgements and negativity.


Only the truth can set us free.






Who pays the sun to shine?


There is enough food for everyone.


“Each day 424 million tons of new plant material are grown on earth. That’s about 250 lbs for every person on the planet. It is all produced by photosynthesis – the process in which green plants convert solar energy into chemical energy. During photosynthesis water and carbon dioxide combine to form carbohydrates (sugars). When digested by animals, these sugars are metabolized into the complex molecules (DNA, proteins, amino-acids, etc.) which constitute the building blocks of life.”


Andrew Bailey, A Day In The Life Of The World, Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1983


Nobody pays the sun to do this. The universe is a FREE LUNCH! Also, breakfast, dinner and snacks!


There is enough SPACE for everyone.


The total area of planet earth is 196,940,400 square miles – of which 57,280,000 sq. mi. is land.There are approximately 5.5 billion people on earth. If we had a grand party for all the human inhabitants and divided up the state of Texas, each person would be given 10 feet by 12 feet – the size of an average room. That would leave over 57 million square miles void of people. (Texas =267,340 sq. mi. 1 acre = 1/640 sq. mi.).


“The universe is a “free lunch”. We are all being held in probate court, denied our rightful inheritance.”

  Adapted from Buckminster Fuller