Everything comes from the earth. Mankind cannot create “ex-nihilo” – out of nothing. Our food, shelter, clothing, plastics, and petrochemicals are all mined, produced and synthesized from our planet.

Everything will return to its source – energy is never lost – it just changes forms.

Tin cans, cloth, paper diapers, sheet metal, rocks, paper, scissors, aluminum, etc. – all come from our earth and everything is “re­cyclable”.

So what difference does it make if radio-active materials get mixed up with potatoes and milk? On an atomic level, as far as the universe is concerned, not a whole lot. But, as far as sustaining human life as we have come to know it – everything. There is food, there is waste, there is construction and destruction. We make the distinction.

Imagine a wonderful dinner – your favorite entree, choice of vegetables, home made bread, your favorite drink and a surprise dessert. You are in delight with the anticipation of this sumptuous feast.

Now smear it all with human wastes and pour on some gasoline and propylene glycol. Ponder its delectability.

From an atomic level – it is just fine. For our physical bodies – it’s poison.

We are dredging up fossil fuels from the bowels of our earth. We are burning them and polluting our breathing air. We are contaminating our ocean and streams with toxic chemicals and endangering our water supply.

The rise in cancers and respiratory diseases are strong indicators of a system out of balance.

Water – the life blood of our physical bodies and a substance that all living things on this earth need to survive. There is approximately the same amount of water on our planet now as there was 4 billion years ago.

There is no such thing as a “fresh” glass of water – that water has been around for billions of years. In one way or another it probably contains atomic particles from every living thing that lives or has lived.

Message from Anselm Hollow:

“Hello! i am one of your molecules! i started from the Crab Nebulus, but i move about. i’ve moved about for millions of years. i entered your body perhaps as a factor in some edible vegetable, or else i passed into your lungs as part of the air. now what intrigues me is this: at what exact point, as i entered the mouth, or was absorbed by the skin, was i part of the body? at what exact moment (later on) did i cease to be part of the body (i.e. YOU)! let me know what you think.




70% of this planet’s fresh water is in the form of glacial ice in Antarctica.

Enough rain falls on land to provide each person on the earth with approximately 30,000 liters per day. That’s probably sufficient to quench your thirst!!

The quality of our air and water is our #1 global priority. It is shared by all humanity. Pollution does not stop at geographical boundaries.

Until we are more educated into the splitting of atoms it is best that we don’t use it as an energy source. We have enormous overwhelming data to confirm a myriad of cancers and physical disabilities from exposure to nuclear radiation. And we do not have any idea where to store radioactive wastes.

The best place to send our current nuclear waste pile is on a space ship journey towards the sun.

The sun is a thermonuclear reactor and the radioactive waste would be cosmically incinerated. But until we get the technology and the transport vehicle it is sheer folly to create more nuclear waste for earth storage.

Global Priority: Stop the production of nuclear devices except those for medical, healing, diagnostic and scientific investigation.

Stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons now. The population of this planet demands it!

Less than 10 of those warheads are sufficient to render this planet inhospitable to human life as we know it. Having thousands of those nuclear devices all over the globe is not a good idea!

But you might ask… if the sun is a giant nuclear reactor- why doesn’t the sun cause all those cancers, mutations, diseases and deformities that occur with excessive exposure to nuclear radiation? Well, that’s a good question – and the answer is we are protected from that wave length particle of radiation by our ozone layer.

Don’t we have a hole in our ozone layer? Yes, we do – OH­OH- we have a serious problem.

We must make solar energy/carbohydrate-based technology a global priority for the preservation of humanity.. Whatever we make from a hydrocarbon we can make from a carbohydrate. One is death, the other life. Choose life that we might live. YES!

We are limited only by mental enslavement’s, old paradigms and distorted truths.