Passover-A Freedom Festival

A new dimension for Passover is for us to use these eight days for “Spring Cleaning” of our digestive system. We are free to choose to eat as little as we like to give our system a rest, plenty of fluids & water & juices.

The natural bitters & spring herbs from nature–sorrel, lemon clover-wild raddish-onion-mints-raw fruits & vegetables-no processed foods (minimally-cooked foods, ideally, none at all!..).

Not a “fast” but a “slow”-an awareness of eating to live rather than living to eat!

A good time for a cleansing diet – ideally only fresh foods from nature – pick & eat – flowers, leaves & seeds-fresh fruits & vegetables-breath, bless & give thanks..for the vast variety of smells & touches and tastes-all by God’s grace. The source of our freedom. Hallelujah…Amen

With Thanks & Praise we are free to live this day.

To offer up in every way

our gratitude & wonder

To Behold, Be Held &


This Holy Holiday..

I am not a slave

Yah does nourish me


I am sustained by the

love of Yah..

I jump with joy

And humbly bow



Bow wow

Tweet tweet