Well, ok. The year was 1977; I was a newcomer to Marin County, California.

I got a call from a friend that a young Israeli man, Jacob, had a severe infection in his leg, and his English wasn’t so good, and maybe I could assist him in some way. I said sure, bring him over, I would be glad to help, if I could.

A couple of hours later, a young man in his mid twenties, comes into my house with his Israeli girl friend. He was on crutches and in pain.

He removed his pants, and showed me a very severe infection in his upper thigh.

The wound smelled awful. He explained that he had a motorbike accident, and lacerated his thigh and maybe’ hurt his bone’! It was a deep wound, and I could see some of the femur!

I told him he needed to get to the hospital immediately, have the wound ‘debrided’ (cleaned and dressed and most probably sutured. I explained to him the seriousness of this situation. And he needed to go “NOW” to the hospital.

I called my dear friend Dr. Barry Blum who was chief of orthopedics at Marin General Hospital.

I explained to Barry the situation, and Barry (being the incredible ‘mensch’ that he is, said that he would see him.

I spoke to Barry that evening and Barry said that he came to the hospital, but he wouldn’t let Barry treat the wound, and he left. Barry did not know where he went.

Three days later, I received a call from this guy’s girl friend telling me that Jacob was in ‘therapy’.

I asked what kind of therapy, and she said “urine therapy”!

She informed me that he was pouring urine into the wound and drinking his own urine.!

I could not believe this craziness. I went ballistic! I raised my voice on the phone, telling her that this was the craziest thing I have ever heard of, and unless he got ‘proper-medical attention’ he could loose his leg or his life.

I was angry, that people could be so foolish. I had now heard everything!

About a week later, Jacob and his girlfriend show up at my house.

He shows me his wound..clean, pink..no smell..healing quite nicely.!

I was amazed and perplexed. I asked for the name and number of the ‘therapist’!

I called her, and she invited me over.

She lived in Mill Valley, very close to my home.

She was of Indian descent, probably in her mid sixties, and a practitioner of Aruvedic medicine.

She explained to me that when urine comes out of the body it is sterile. I sort-of remembered that but that info got over-ridded with urine as ‘waste’. (We usually don’t think of’ waste-products’ as ‘sterile’!)

She went on further to explain the many uses for using one’s own urine: diagnostic, therapeutic,cleansing. Etc.

She was so straight-forward and unassuming. I was flabbergasted and unbelieving!

She opened me to a new perspective in healing. A perspective that has served me in many ways for the past 35 years!

If you use your search engine (I like www.Google.com ) and type in ‘urine therapy’ you will generate over 3,000,000 (yes that’s right. over three million entries!)

Why so many? Because it has been in use for thousands of years in many different cultures and IT WORKS!

My first opportunity to try urine therapy was on a plantars wart, on my left heel. I had tried all sorts of potions, lotions, caustic creams, acids, even surgery, (it grew back!)

I put a urine-soaked piece of cotton, on the wart, taped it in place, kept the area, moist with urine.

One week was all it took for complete cure. No more wart. It has never come back.

I had a bad fall, and suffered cuts and abrasions on my hands and knees.

I thought this was a great opportunity to try different modalities of wound care.

On the right hand I did nothing. On the left hand- washing, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream and bandage. Left knee- urine. Right knee-just washing.

Before 24 hours were complete, I saw the superiority of ‘urine’ and I treated all the wounds with just a simple urine wash.

Over the past 35 years, I have recommended urine for a host of ills. With excellent results.

Diagnostic: look..smell..taste..if you’re your urine looks, smells, or taste’s bad, You need to find out why!

I have used urine externally for all manners of wounds, cuts, skin conditions, etc.

Internally-tasting to gain a sense of my state of health.

Drinking- for strengthening my system and combating disease.

(a little goes a long way!) You don’t have to fill a giant beer stein and drink it down!

I have used it nasally to heal a sinus infection that would not respond to any thing else.

I have put urine in my eyes to refresh and cleanse them!

(If your urine smells and tastes ‘toxic’ you are not going to want to put it in your eyes or probably any where.) It is a powerful tool for learning about ‘you’. And healing.

So there you have it: Orally, Nasally, ocullarly , I have recommended it for a host of infections and dis-ease conditions.

Urine is a profound gift from our Creator, for learning about our bodies, and healing a large portion of our ills.

I believe our children should be taught: If they get a cut or ‘owie’- make a pee pee.!

So investigate some of those 200,000 web sites.

Live and Learn.

Blessings in our sharings