Yes, body lice, hair lice, have been with us since …a long long time!!

Nit picking is a ………..(fill in the blank!)

It’s not fun for kids and it’s a growing problem. And more poisons (permethrin, pyrethrum, lindane, etc. are being put on the heads and bodies of our children..and it’s not good. No one has died from ‘lice’ but the poisons used to kill them- could kill us.

So I am posting this all natural remedy for the sake of our children and a reminder that Nature always has a remedy!


Make flax juice (Click here to see the flax-juice recipe).

To one cup of hot flax juice add as much salt (sodium chloride) as you can (about a half to three-quarters cup..maybe  more if it’s a fine table salt. .less if it’s a rock sea salt..stir it.allow to dissolve. Let it cool a bit, and when warm put it all over the infested area (the scalp, the pubic area, the body..wherever the lice are.

Rub it into the hair and scalp well, especially the nape of the neck. Saturate the area.

Allow to dry. Leave on for 90 minutes.(60 minutes is usually sufficient)

Wash and shampoo and remove dead eggs with a lice comb.

Repeat in a week to ten days. Works very well. Better than all the other products!


Why it works: The principle of ‘moderation’ in nature.

Nature is very forgiving; a tiny bit of almost anything won’t harm you. A lot of one thing can be toxic. A little ‘salt’ won’t harm the lice, having their little bodies and eggs coated with salt will kill them. The flax juice provides the ‘lotion’ for the salt to coat their bodies and block their respiration.

In biology this principle is called denaturation. Proteins can be denatured by change in pH, temperature, or ionic concentration.

The salt will dry the hair a bit, so you can follow up with a natural conditioner ( I like olive and hemp oil best..add a bit of rosemary oil..and the shine and luster returns.

Give thanks..bye bye lice..

All the best.. God Bless..



PS This formula will also work for psoriasis, certain skin cancers, eczema, and a wide variety of topical skin conditions.

Yes, it is most simple. “The real mystery in “mysticism” is how we let the obvious become so hidden”!