Some guidelines for vulvodynia from a natural perspective


¬    Increase your intake of water

¬    Avoid foods that contain hydrogenated oils (read the ingredients of your packaged food..It’s everywhere. It provides the processed food with a long shelf life.

¬    Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables..the less processed the better.

¬    Exercise 5 times per week..walking is best..just build a sweat

¬    strengthen the vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles with ‘kegels’ the contraction of the anal sphincter/ ring muscles. (to locate these muscles, while urinating, stop the flow of urine.) practice daily..contract..hold..breathe..release.

    Build your capacity to hold the contraction for 30 seconds.

¬    No synthetic fibers near your crotch (no polyester, nylon etc.)

¬    Douche (wash) your vagina with 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar to a quart of warm water

¬    Lubricate the vaginal walls with flax juice / clove/ and rosemary oil:(rosmarinus officinalis. Labiatae)


¬    Do not use any creams, lotions that contain propylene glycol

   (It is classified as an inert polymer..Why do you need

    plastic in your vagina?)                                   

¬    Avoid using tampons .. A cotton pad is best.

¬    let some sun shine on your yoni, allow the breeze to bless’s a challenge to find a place to be a bit naked in the a scout..check it out!

¬    God and nature will always be your lover and best friend!

¬    Be Gentle with yourself…smile 🙂

1-cup whole flax seeds

6 cups water

1/8 to 1/4 cup whole cloves (cloves numb tissue temporarily. one of nature’s anesthetics)

Bring to a boil..Turn down heat..Simmer for 6 minutes..

Turn off heat..Let sit for 6 minutes..Strain through a strainer..into a glass container..Add 20 drops of rosemary oil..Shake well.

Keep refrigerated..Use daily for vaginal massage and strengthening of tissue.