Throughout the course of history, humanity has sought out materials that alter consciousness. Wine, beer, opium, psilocibin and hemp have been with us since  before biblical times. LSD, cocaine, crack and an assortment of pharmaceuticals use modern expressions along the same theme.

Given an opportunity for a new experience, a human will try it. If it proves pleasurable or enlightening, continued use will follow, sometimes to the point of addiction.We are all creatures of ‘altered states of consciousness’ how do we know this? We dream! (The places ‘normal’ people go in the dream state can be more bizarre than a drug experience.

Cigarettes and alcohol are both legal in our society much to the dismay of health conservatives and temperance groups. When the United States government tried to outlaw alcohol during prohibition, prohibition failed, and organized crime flourished.

Different people have different tolerance levels towards foods and chemicals. Most people could eat a banana without too much difficulty. Some people are so allergic to bananas that eating one could kill them. All of nature is toxic!..It’s just the amount. And what is correct or healthy for one individual, is not the case for all..We each have our own connection to the garden.

Most people can drink a glass of wine and feel its warming effect and not need it two hours later. Others become addicted to the wine and must have alcohol in their system. They will continue to drink until it causes serious health problems and death.

If you open the pages of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) and read the literature on any drug including aspirin and vitamins, there are indications that will occur in most of the population and contraindications and adverse effects that may occur in a minority of the population. No two of us are the same. A hemp cigarette will produce a mild euphoria in most, a bad experience for some, and nothing at all for others.

In our planetary medicine box We have all sorts of potions for aches, pains, hormonal regulation, vitamins, minerals, weight gain, weight loss, mood alteration, etc. Twentieth century herbal medicine

– it all comes from the earth. Approximately 20% of natures garden contain psycho-active compounds. Mother nature, G!D, the Creator of it all..did not make a mistake!

All medical pharmacopeia should be legal and available. Heroin is the strongest medicine we have for pain – morphine is its derivative. Hemp is helpful in adjunctive cancer treatment as well as in the treatment of glaucoma, pain relief, wasting syndrome, etc.

Drugs and pharmaceuticals can be monitored to discourage improper use and ensure quality. Legalization of drugs will discourage the criminal element that feeds the poor communities of our society with mind and mood altering chemicals given to people who are searching for a new vision, seeking to lessen their anguish, anger and pain.

Drugs are not the vision. They are only a vehicle for insight, pain reduction, awareness, homeostasis, etc.

Dependence on any substance other than food, air and water is a warning sign of a system out of balance. (tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, valium, hemp, sleeping pills, cocaine, etc.)

Drugs are not the problem. To say that drugs are the problem is like saying chain saws are the problem because they are cutting down trees. Drugs are merely a tool which can be used constructively or destructively.

There are many drugs in Mexico and Europe and the Far East that have been shown to be effective and deemed safe to their populations, but we can’t get them in the United States.

Humanity’s medicine chest must be open to all humanity. National governments should devote their attention to pure air and water- which concerns all citizens – and allow the individual freedom of choice of substances, tastes and preferences. Warnings can be written – caution advised. But it must remain up to the individual and he or she must remain responsible for that decision.

Discourage addiction – empower health and vision!