Dear Family and Friends,

For over forty years, I have been nibbling my way through nature, traveling and tasting flowers, berries, leaves, seeds, stems, stalks, barks, and roots. Nature is quite sensuous and sustaining and tasty. Yum Yum! The predominant taste in nature is bitter–hmmm.. might be a metaphor for life itself! But bitters are very important for the health of the body. I have never gotten seriously sick – but, I taste very, very small amounts of new plants, a little nibble – chewing, sensing – if it’s really bitter or yucky, I spit it out. If it’s just mildly bitter or tasty, I eat it! Sometimes, if it’s really yummy, I’ll eat more! Some plants numb the tongue, some taste different at different parts of the tongue, some plants bring up a lot of fluid and phlegm. They are all different and unique, and each person has their own relationship and interactions with the plants. What is food for one can be poison for another! The basic lesson is : all of nature is ‘toxic’’s just a matter of amounts. There are some people so allergic to bananas that eating a whole banana could cause death! In small amounts, nature is very forgiving and tolerant and encourages experimentation. I know of no green plant in the western hemisphere that a small piece (the size of a raisin) would kill an individual. I have found for me that – all flowers are edible – some more than others! With an abundance of subtle flavors and textures – smell them, feel them, taste them, eat them. They are rich in phyto-chemicals and vitamins-minerals and bioflavinoids. Small amounts are powerful (e.g. Bach Flower remedies). Place a petal on your tongue, imagine the colors and beauty filling your body. Petals are soft, sensual color kisses! Leaves from trees are vastly under-appreciated and contain much in food nutrition and healing potential. A cup of willow leaf tea will add more than a cup of wellness to your being.

Seeds contain the genetic material for the continuity of the species, so they are jam packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins (amino-acid chains), and are quite potent. Apple seeds are a good example. Eat a half dozen seeds, chew them up, sort of bitter, sort of yummy. Lots of different flavors. A definite vitamin/mineral/supplement/food medicine. Apple seeds contain laetrile-B-17, arsenic (yes, the poison), and an abundance of earth elements. A couple of apple seeds are good for you. A cup of apple seeds can kill you!! Moderation is the continual lesson in nature. A small teaspoon of poison hemlock is a great cleanser for the organ systems. An ounce of poison hemlock is a first class ticket to the valley of death. All part of the Creator’s plan. If the pain is so great, there are many plants that will allow you to exit this world. Pills and guns are unnecessary to invite the Angel of Death. The Creator gave us many plants that will allow us to exit. In general, small amounts are restorative, healing, and nutritious. Large amounts of certain plants can be fatal. Moderation is the key to nature education!

So about thirty-six years ago, I tasted an avocado pit – hmmmm.. Bitter, sweet, salty, sour, a bit of everything, or every taste I ever tasted. In a word, intense! I chewed well, sensing different bursts of flavor. I let it dissolve in my mouth, and eventually swallowed. Sorta yucky, sorta yummy. That’s my post-swallow judgement call! I followed this “treat” with a cup of water – mmm…10 minutes passed. I noticed that when I looked at the pit at the place where I had bit, it had turned bright orange, to me, a sign of anti-oxidants, perhaps vitamin A and beta-carotene. Pure conjecture. Maybe someday, someone will check it out!

So.. Dear Family and Friends, have you ever noticed that when you cut open an avocado, the half with the seed in it takes much longer to turn brown (undergo oxidation). Or if you make guacamole and leave the seed in the mix, that it stays fresher longer.. hmmmm. What is it in the avocado pit that slows oxidation? My guess is vitamins A, E, and C, and a grand assortment of nutrients, chemicals, and minerals. It’s quite bitter and potent. Bite off a small piece of pit (the size of a raisin) and chew slowly.. Avocado pit.. It’s a hard pit to bite! Do not use a knife as the shape and slippery seed make it very difficult, and dangerous, to cut. A hammer is good..if the pit is wrapped in a bag.

We humans are mostly water and oils. Like the avocado, we have carbohydrates and fats, proteins and sugars, salts and minerals. What does all this mean to me? Avocado seeds are a complete vitamin/mineral/anti-aging supplement. Use as medicine in small amounts and you’ll feel the difference! If you consume a ‘large’ will probably clear out your bowel..(make sure to drink large amounts of water.)

Further experimentation I have done with avocado pits: (1) I unsuccessfully attempted to grow mold and bacteria on a pit. (2) I smashed the seed in a bag with a hammer and put the small pieces in a glass bottle. I filled the bottle with olive/hemp oil. The oil turned orange. For me, this oil infusion is a potent skin tonic, anti-aging lotion! (3) I milled the seed in a coffee grinder. It turned a brilliant orange as its essential oils are very potent. Once dried, it became “anti-oxidant pellets.” I ate them with moderation, over a period of time. I think avocado pit mixed with oils of olive/hemp/flax/rosemary can be very beneficial in the treatment of certain skin cancers.

With Blessings in our Sharings,