Rabbi Natan Segal


I want to live in a ‘spiritual neighborhood’. A place where caring and sharing, loving and holiness bless each day. I want to have more ‘fun’ and play more and dance and sing and delight in this most awesome garden of our Creator’s Creation. All that we have is given unto us by Grace. Let us embrace and give thanks. I want to hear more laughter, joy-us song, giggles, prayer and praise..Not just on Sabbath and holydays..But everyday. I want to hold the babies, play and cavort with the children, passion with my peers and compassion with my elders. I want to give and receive more healing touch and affection. I want to help tend the gardens that bring forth the food, that nurture our humanity in awareness of Divinity. I want to share more silent spaces with myself and others…listening..caring..Loving..Sharing. Away from a medicated society…embracing a meditative extended family. Away from fear based encounter..Towards loving communion. Far away from scarcity mentality…living in infinite abundance and holy love. Yes yes..We are blessed..Blessed. Communion – come union together.

“My dreams of perfection are the bridges that carry me into the realm of pure ideas” (Yogananda)