Nata Segan (b. Chicago, Illinois 2-17-49) is a 21st century Renaissance man. He is an ordained Rabbi and Cantor, Musician, Author, Artist and Physical Culturalist.

His interests are as eclectic as his personality from biblical studies and ancient history to space travel, science and technology.

His visual artistry is unique, diverse, colorful and enchanting. He describes himself as an “abstract-colorist-futuristic-realist”!

He emplys an astounding array of mixed-media material including oils, acrylics, water-color, enamel, diffraction gratings, resins, glues, glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent paints and fibers. He mixes many of his own pigments.

His style varies from vivid abstraction, where he skillfully evinces the power of transformation through an evocative use of colors and shapes, to classical pen and ink realism.

The name “Natan” is from the Hebrew. It means gift of God (Nathan in English.) Indeed all of creation is a gift from the divine source.

As he is fond of saying, “my canvas is wonder, my palette infinity.”

Natan’s painting and sculpture appear in private, corporate, and public collections throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Israel.