Welcome…and Thank You for visiting my online gallery. I have posted images that are easy on the eye, playful, colorful, and they make great notecards..screen savers, and wall paper. Electronic media is a different venue then  the original. Many of these images are ‘pieces of  paintings’, chosen for their own sense of balance and beauty. I encourage you to be creative and playful in using and sharing them..Enjoy!!

When i was in my twenties, if someone were to tell me that i would make most of my “$” this lifetime as an artist-painter-sculptor..i would have laughed and smiled..Ha ha..i was/ am a musician..and i was having a great time sharing music with my brother Joseph. We were singing songs of love and devotion, both of us Rabbis, and Cantors, in the Jewish tradition.We and our music, travelled the world, entertaining, educating, and merry-making..Ahh the great Joy of community sharing and celebration, Such a gift and blessing.
Then in February 1988 my world changed dramatically, my brother Joseph was involved in an automobile accident, a head on collision that left him brain injured,and in a coma for six and a half months. During those months, i visited him daily in the hospital, cared for my two children, worked as Rabbi, and counselor with my congregation in Marin County California.(mostly being with dying children and their families at the Center For Attitudinal Healing).and at night..when all were sleeping..i painted..and painted..transforming my deep grief, with the colors of the rainbow..a vision of hope, and a remembering of G!D’s promise to not destroy the Creation.
Painting, and praying through the night for the Glory of G!D and to calm my fear and sadness, enabled me to approach the new day with a bigger vision and a more peaceful-color-full presence.
I slept very little over the next year.. (if i had more money i would have probably gone into therapy and taken drugs!!..)..but that was not the Master plan!
My paintings were hanging all over my apartment..they were/ are my children of light and hope..a vision of color and playfulness..beyond fear..beyond sadness.
I was relating to a young-about-to-be married couple in my apartment, The woman was a graphic artist and designer..she was quite taken by my pictures. She asked me “how much for this one”?
I was speechless..how much?..my mind could not get it..this was my ‘therapy’ my color consolation, something within me..that had no connection to buying-selling-commerce-etc..
But, And..i needed $’….so i shared with her/ them my thoughts and frustrations..and they offered me a sum that was much greater then the amount i was asking for to officiate at their wedding..!
A 9 X 12 inch cotton rag paper with pretty colors and shapes and dimensions for $600..!!..oh wow..

i  called a friend who knew an art agent…she came over..she told me there was a new office complex going up in San Francisco..modern..with good light..and my pictures would show well.
The snow-ball effect happened..People who i never met, and didn’t know..purchased my Art..
I was able to continue my path as caring brother, listening Rabbi and counselor, parent, and friend..and i did not have to worry about ‘money’!!.. a Miracle!!..(it’s all miraculous!!)..
So, my paintings, ‘my children’ are all over the earth, United States, Europe, Asia, South Pacific,
Middle East, etc. they hang in homes offices, hotels, clinics and hospitals, and i am so proud and honored to have a ‘hand and heart’ in their creation.
The themes of light coming from the darkness, rainbows, and bright colors, are prominent qualities of my paintings.
This life is all about ‘transformation’…change is inevitable..and the purposeful things we can do to nurture the changes with love and peace are most important.
Words are a very small part of our life’s story…music..dance..art..touch..prayer..meditation..silence and wonder…engage the wordless in awe and gratitude.
I share these pictures..as a vehicle-vessel for inspiration and delight..
May they nurture your vision with rainbows and colors that help you transform your own sadness and fear into wonder and peace.
G!D bless you! We are blessed..just a short time we are here to share life..love..learning..growing..
Share your smile and song..I will be happy to ‘hear’ from you..
All the Best..

PS. Feel free to download the images you like..they are invisibly watermarked, if you use them for a commercial purpose..(printing more then a dozen).contact me..natan@natan.net…please acknowledge the artist.. © Natan Segal  www.natan.net    ..and a donation from heart to heart via Paypal is much appreciated.. Thank You xoxo



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